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Beyond the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of NGS with cutting-edge solutions for your NGS journey

  • Performance Validation

    ᆞProfessional consultation for pre-set and custom NGS panel design

    ᆞEstablished capture validation test, including wet-lab NGS run, for all customized panels

  • Superior Performance with Difficult Sample Types and in Hard-to-capture Regions

    ᆞGood quality data produced using FFPE and/or ctDNA, or clinical specimens with low-viral load

    ᆞSuperior capture performance even in GC/AT-rich and homologous regions

  • Continuous Enhancement for Performance

    ᆞCelemics designs, manufactures and validates kit performance,

    ᆞProbe design – Driven by machine learning and over 1,000 real-life custom panel design experiences

    ᆞA new proprietary chemistry of probes, blockers and buffers for superior capture performance

  • True End-to-end NGS Solution

    ᆞDelivers a complete and streamlined experimental workflow and BI analysis solution

  • Simple, Fast, and Automation-friendly Workflow

    ᆞConstantly evolving and refining the experimental procedure for automated liquid handler utilization

  • Integration of proprietary technologies for probe synthesis and reagent optimization for the best panel performance

  • Full QC and wet-lab validation NGS run along with complete BI solution provided. Option to adjust depth and coverage of a specific area through probe rebalancing

  • Library Preparation kit

    • Standard Library Preparation Kit
    • EP Library Preparation Kit

  • Target Enrichment Kit

    • Standard Hybridization Kit
    • Enhanced Hybridization Kit

  • Modular Accessories

    • Double-stranded cDNA Synthesis Kit
    CeleMagTM Bead Brochure Download    

    - Clean-up
    - Streptavidin
    - Normalization
    • CLM Polymerase

  • Bioinformatics Solution

    • Celemics Analysis Service (CAS)
    • Virus Verifier• Customized Analytics Tool

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