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CeleMag™ Clean-Up Bead

CeleMag™ Clean-Up Bead

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  • Store at 39.2ºF ( 4ºC )

Innovative NGS-based products with novel sequencing technology.

Manufactured by Celemics Inc.  

CeleMag™ Clean-Up Bead

CeleMag™ Clean-up Beads utilize unique magnetic bead-based chemistry to enable a simple, flexible, and easily reproducible workflow for the purification and size selection of nucleic acids.

  • No need to change your SOP
  • CeleMag Beads fit in workflow exactly as is
  • High performance DNA purification and size selection
  • Compatible with Automation
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Customer Reviews

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G. H.
Side-by-side comparison with Beckmans AMPure XP

We did a side-by-side comparison with CeleMeg beads vs Beckmans AMPure XP and the results were almost exactly the same. Great price and awesome results. I highly recommend this product.